• To book any appointment it is mandatory to show the health card (Tessera TEAM)
  • In order to be treated under the agreement with SSN (Italian Healthcare Service) it is necessary to submit a medical request (referral). For physiatric visits SSN provides priority classes (B -10 days, D -30 days, P -60 days) which your doctor must always specify.
  • It is possible to be treated in agreement with SSN only after showing referral by a physician working at our facility. Services without the prescription of one of our doctors wil be entirely at the expense of the patient.
  • Patients with exemption (for age, income, pathologies, etc.) will be able to benefit of it only if specified on the referral. Therefore, please check that the data written by your doctor are complete before contacting us.
  • Ticket for treatments under the agreement with SSN must be paid at the beginning of the therapy cycle. The reservation of the same can be moved compatibly with the needs of the service, up to one day before starting.
  • In the event of a sudden absence of staff (due to illness, etc.) we do not ensure that the therapies booked will be carried out. Missed sessions can only be done in particular cases, to be established at the front desk.
  • As a rule, the time required for a visit is 30 minutes. However, different patients may need different times, sometimes longer. We ask for your kind understanding, should any delays occur.
  • Booked services must be canceled no later than 24 hours before the scheduled date.
    In case of failure to cancel, the patient who does not show up for the booked appointment is required to pay 50% of the amount of the service.