Treatments carried out with the use of electro-medical machinery, to reduce pain, swelling, inflammation and promote the recovery of tissue integrity.


It is a new generation medical device, based on high intensity magnetic fields (up to 25,000 gauss) to positively influence the patient's tissues. It is used in the treatment of joint pathologies, in the healing of bone fractures and in the treatment of all those disorders needing neuro-muscular facilitation.


TECAR stands for: Capacitive-Resistive Energy Transfer. This device is used in the treatment of traumas and swelling. It is a heat-based therapy, but unlike other treatments of that nature (laser or IR light), heat is not transferred to the patient from the outside. TECAR induces the production of heat starting from within the body itself. In this way, the patient's body is induced to actively collaborate in achieving healing.


This therapy is based on the action of high-energy acoustic waves. These are sound impulses that produce a direct mechanical stimulation on the target area. In this way, the activation of natural repairing processes is stimulated. When living tissues (bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments, etc.) are crossed by the shock wave, they undergo a beneficial micro-massage, capable of promoting a series of biochemical and cellular reactions functional to healing.


It consists in the emission of high frequency sound waves that affect the type of disease you suffer from. Waves penetrate into the tissues and carry out a chemical and thermal action capable of stimulating cellular metabolism. Ultrasound therapy has an anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect, promotes the dissolution of contractures and the reabsorption of hematomas. Depending on the pathology, the frequencies at which the therapy is performed will change. The frequency of the waves varies between 750KHz and 3 MHz


Laser therapy uses the effect of the energy generated by a laser beam to obtain a response at the cellular level. The laser acts on the cell membrane and on the mitochondria, the organelles responsible for the production of energy in the cell. The result is an increase in metabolic activity, aimed at reducing pain. This treatment is generally used for diseases affecting the joints, chronic and degenerative disorders.


Magneto therapy uses the action of low frequency and low intensity pulsating magnetic fields, to carry out several therapeutic effects, in particular of the osteo-reparative type. It is used to accelerate the synthesis process of fractures, wounds, sores and to improve blood micro-circulation. It is particularly suitable for speeding up the regeneration of bone fractures and for slowing down the process of decreasing the density of minerals in the bone typical of osteoporosis.


Electro-therapy consists of electrical currents that are passed through the affected part of the body. A direct current can be used, combined with the action of certain drugs (iontophoresis), or a current with variable intensity, with an analgesic effect (diadynamic and T.E.N.S.), or with a thermal effect.