The physiatric visit is the first step of the healing process at our facility. During the visit, the physician examines the patient and establishes which treatments should be the best for him/her. Visits can be carried out privately, or in agreement with Italian Healthcare Service (SSN), namely with the prescription of your family doctor (referral). In both cases, the treatment reserved for the patient during the visit is the same.


Injections made directly into the affected joint or ligament. Depending on the problem, the drug that is administered changes. In case of osteoarthritis, hyaluronic acid is injected which, thanks to its lubricating action, facilitates joint movement. In case of inflammation, cortisone is administered.


This treatment consists in passively moving a blocked or painful joint, in order to restore normal mobility and facilitate the proper functioning of the affected structures. This occurs through a neurophysiological reaction and a bio-mechanical reaction. The neurophysiological effect is based on the stimulation of nerve receptors, thus obtaining a decrease in the intensity of pain; the biomechanical effect is instead implemented thanks to the tension of the peri-articular tissues, with the aim of preventing complications due to trauma or immobility.