We guarantee the application of the following ethical and professional principles:


everyone can access the services provided with equal rights. No distinction is made for ethnic, linguistic, religious and political reasons.

Right to choose:

patients have the right to access our services at their own free choice, only within the limits established by structural and technological availability. Any moral or material constraint is excluded


the behavior of staff towards Users is inspired by criteria of objectivity, justice, impartiality and courtesy.


patients have the right to be informed about the services we offer and their own health conditions. They have the right to express any comment and suggestion. These indications will be carefully evaluated by our staff, in order to improve the quality of our job.

Efficiency and effectiveness: 

all our employees work to achieve the best results for the health of citizens, with the most modern technical and scientific knowledge. This goal is not separated from safeguarding of resources that must be used to the best, without waste or unnecessary costs.

Technical-scientific innovation:

we support the development of new ideas and constantly work to promote the application of the most modern technologies in the treatment path.