A wide range of exercises to maintain muscle tone and maintain the body's natural elasticity. To return to carrying out everyday activities without problems and effortlessly.


It is a treatment to rebalance the posture easily and in a short time, intervening on the totality of the muscle chains. It is able to restore freedom and well-being to the whole body through the so called de-compensated muscle lengthening. It is a particular stretching performed in correct posture, so without allowing "compensation", i.e. those unwilling mechanisms that the body puts in place to avoid pain and discomfort. This treatment also includes breathing techniques, to act on the diaphragm. The course program includes a beginner level and an expert one.


It is a kind of medical gymnastics designed to maintain an optimal state of health in healthy people and to improve the conditions of patients suffering from problems such as arthrosis and a sedentary lifestyle. It involves techniques like stretching and muscle strengthening, associated with breathing exercises. It brings numerous benefits, such as toning the body, correcting incorrect postures and greater muscle flexibility.