Processing of patients' personal data is carried out in accordance with EU Regulation 679/2016 (G.D.P.R.)

Patients’ personal data, including those relating to his state of health, will be used exclusively for medical purposes.

Personal data are provided exclusively by the patients themselves.

The data collected at this facility, even in times prior to the current legislation, are available to the interested parties who can request a view, copy and possibly cancellation.

This facility is equipped with security measures that guarantee data protection through both physical and digital means.

Personal data of those who are treated in agreement with SSN are communicated monthly to ULSS 9 Scaligera, along with the type and quantity of services performed.

Data relating to payments are communicated to Agenzia delle Entrate (national authority for taxes and revenue).

Data collected are kept, as required by law, for a minimum period of ten years.

Data controller is dr. Gianfranco Biancardi and he must be referred to for the exercise of legal rights.

Collected data are not exported to any foreign country.